LED(Light Emitting Diodes) is the latest addition to lighting technology and is fast rising in Nigeria. The Nigerian lighting community is slowly and gradually accepting this latest lighting technology beauty. LEDS have many advantages over your incandescent light sources(normal bulb) and energy saving bulbs.This advantages include lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved physical roughness, smaller size and faster switching when coming on. Penz Nigeria Limited is your worthy supplier of LED light in Nigeria and you can buy LED lighting in Nigeria from us. We are committed to making available the most quality when it comes to LED lights in Nigeria. We have a wide range of wattages and also LED lights from the three biggest lighting brands in the world PHILIPS,OSRAM and GE(general electric).We also have in stock quality but more affordable LED lights in Nigeria from our smaller partners so we can meet the satisfaction of our less buoyant clients.

“LED lighting is beautiful LED lighting is here to stay”  You can click  Vtac Catalogue to view a list of LED products from One of Europe’s Lighting  Brands VTAC or you can just coy and paste the link Below into your browser


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