The saviour, the solution, the evolution in lighting technology. Energy saving bulbs has come to stay. A direct replacement for the traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs, Energy saving bulb is the most affordable means in the market for conserving energy when it comes to lighting .Energy saving bulbs come in two categories. The premium energy saving bulbs and the ordinary energy saving bulbs.
Premium energy saving bulbs: This category of energy bulbs or brands Can last a consumer for as long as two years or more they are durable and can withstand current fluctuation to a large extent. In the past, This bulbs were not easily seen and was not so affordable because of their availbility, efficiency, scarcity. Partnering with the three biggest lighting brands in the world(Osram, Philips, GE(general electric)) Penz Nigeria limited has made the high cost of premium energy saving bulbs a thing of the past. the premium bulbs are now available and affordable .You can now get varieties of energy saving bulbs and different wattages from us in Nigeria. Sometimes we advice and recommend to our clients different wattages of energy saving bulbs for use in different locations. Starting price for this bulbs can go for as low as #550 and as high as #4000 depending on the wattage. If you purchase a premium energy saving bulb lower than #550 it is probably not the original product. We are your direct voice to the three biggest lighting brands and we are here to make sure you get 100% satisfaction.

Ordinary Energy Saving Bulbs: When we say “ordinary” we mean more affordable .Our company is committed also with the satisfaction of the less buoyant customers. Those people who cannot afford the premium .People who want to pay between #250 to #1500 for a bulb depending on the wattage..In partnership with our investors we have been able to introduce more affordable brands into the market .I am talking about GOODMAN energy saving bulbs, TORCH energy saving AKT energy saving bulbs .This brands are affordable and have a lasting duration of one year…

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